Crypto Trading

Access the exciting cryptocurrency markets and take advantage of the many trading opportunities. Trade your preferred currency pairs – a crypto against a fiat currency or two cryptos against one another.

What is Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrencies were developed to be alternatives to government-issued fiat currencies which are regulated by central banks. This new asset class has quickly rocketed to historic levels over the past few years, surprising many in the mainstream financial industry.
Unlike fiat currencies, the supply of cryptocurrencies is generally governed by the community of investors of the particular cryptocurrency coin. Central banks are usually the ones controlling the supply of fiat currencies. Also, cryptocurrencies use a decentralized, transparent digital ledger to keep track of every transaction using the particular token. This is in contrast to fiat currencies using a ledger kept by a central bank.

Most of the mainstream financial industry paid little attention when Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, was released to the public. However, since then, Bitcoin’s value has appreciated rapidly to more than $60,000 with the rest of the cryptocurrency market following Bitcoin’s lead to unprecedented levels.
Many traders prefer using CFDs to trade the cryptocurrency markets because they do not have to actually own the cryptocurrency tokens. Also, the value of CFD positions mirrors the movements of the market for the selected cryptocurrency. Profiton provides you with direct access to a large menu of tradeable cryptocurrency pairs allowing you to access the exciting and rewarding opportunities presented in this market.

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